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Iowa Magician Mike Prestby

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 Dear Event Planner,


Making your organization’s event memorable is a difficult task. You want it to be Fun and Extra Special – all while staying with in a budget.


What Really Makes An Event Unforgettable?


Quality entertainment that gets everyone involved and keeps them laughing is one of the major keys to making your event dynamic and impressive. It can be frustrating to try and figure out something that will please everyone.


The Unique Solution That You Need:


My name is Mike Prestby and I am an Iowa magician & author who specializes in helping make special events memorable and fun! My clients include Wal – Mart, Long John Silvers, Hyvee, Opportunity Village, hundreds of schools, libraries and many other public and private venues. Based in Iowa, however I travel the entire midwest area including, Iowa, Minnesota, North & South Dakotas and Wisconsin.


So why should you have me entertain at your event?

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Mike Prestby Minnesota Entertainer & Magician

 Iowa Magician Mike Prestby


Five Times More Fun Than Any Other Entertainer!


Sure there are a lot of good entertainers out there But none of them even come close to offering a variety of total entertainment packages.


1. Comedy!!! – You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during my clean and very funny programs!


2. More Audience Participation Than You Can Shake A Stick At! – Keeping a family audience’s attention can be a difficult task. Getting them involved in the show is a sure way to insure success! Everyone helps make the magic happen, is treated with respect, and has a great time participating in the show!


3. Unbelievable Magic & Hilarious Comedy! – Even after you see this, you won’t believe it. You will be left scratching your head and wondering “How did  he do that?” You will enjoy the comedy and humor that ties the whole show together!


4. Personalized Shows. – Every performance is individually tailored for your organization. We’ll even bring someone up from the audience and have them face the Veg-A-Matic. This is a fun comedy illusion and the audience loves it!


5. Live Animals – In all of my stage shows I make live doves and rabbits appear! Not to mention “The Great Haredini” My rabbit mascot can make an appearance too!

Minnesota & Iowa Magician Mike Prestby

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Several Entertainment Packages To Choose From!


I have several entertainment packages to choose from. The packages are designed for your organization’s needs and budget. The package can include just a stage show or just close up, strolling magic or a combination of both. All of my shows are “G” rated which simply means GREAT for audiences of all ages. Family fun entertainment at an affordable price for events of all types!


“Better Than Five Star Money Back Guarantee!”

star image 1. To respond promptly to all calls and emails, and to deliver any paperwork to you quickly.
star image 2. To give you a confirmation call one or two days before your event.
star image 3. To not only be on time, but to arrive EARLY at your event, so you don’t have to worry.
star image 4. To deliver a FANTASTIC show that will please your guests, and make you look like a hero!
star image 5. To not accept our fee if you feel we have disappointed you. (Don’t worry, I’ve never had to do this! But we do stand behind our show).

Iowa Magician

Iowa Magician Mike Prestby

How to Make This Year’s Event The Best Ever…


Okay Mike, everything sounds great now what? Simply pick up the phone and call me at 1800-421-0703 or request more info by clicking below and I will contact you. We can discuss your event in detail. You can ask any questions you have. In fact, I’d really appreciate you calling and letting me know what you think. I am not going to try and “sell” you, so you can relax- no pressure- i’m here to answer your questions and help you make your event the best ever!


I look forward to hearing from you!


Magically Yours,


Iowa Magician Mike Prestby

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