Iowa & Minnesota Fundraising Magic Show

“How To Easily & Quickly Raise Thousands Of Dollars For Your School, Church Or Other Non-Profit Group With Virtually Zero Work On Your Part!”

Magic Show Fundraiser  Iowa Magician Mike Prestby

Dear Fund Raiser,

Working closely with children and families for the past 30 years has given me a sincere appreciation for schools, churches and other organizations like yours that invest in our kids and families.

Quite frankly, however, that takes money. Organizations, schools, churches and other civic groups are all looking for fundraisers that can help in raising the funds for special projects and needs.

My Amazing No-Risk Offer To All Elementary Schools, Churches and Other Non-Profit Groups:

Hello, My name is Mike Prestby. I’m a professional Iowa Magician, family entertainer and fundraiser who has created dynamic family magic shows that are designed to turn incredible family fun into thousands of dollars for your school, church or organization’s needs.

Minnesota Fundraising Magic ShowLots Of Funny Business Is Always A Hit In The Show!

Turn Your Typical Fundraising event Into A “Wow, Wasn’t That A Fabulous Time” Occasion!

You’ll know you made the correct decision to include my Family Comedy Magic Show as part of your fundraising plans when you hear the laughter and see all the smiles on the faces of your audience. And you’ll be stunned as you count just how much money you raise for your school, church or other non-profit group from this incredibly fun and e-a-s-y fundraising program.

What others are saying about the Fundraising Magic Show!

The Easiest Fundraiser You’ll Ever Be Involved With..

Your kids don’t have to sell anything door to door. No wrapping paper or candy sales. No more catalogs of stuff no one wants, but feels obligated to buy. No inventories to keep track of! This is a practically self-working program for your school or organization. We supply you with everything you need to make the event a success. Our project manual walks you through every step of the event and includes:

* Posters to advertise the big day!

* Flyers & Letters for children to take home to their parents or send to your mailing list!

* Several Piggyback fundraiser ideas that can increase your profits from the event!

* Press releases that you simply fill in your show info and send to your local media outlets such as TV, Radio & Newspaper

* Program Template that can make you alot of money with advertising!

* “World Class Family Entertainment that your group will be talking about for years to come!

Plus you’ll receive these three fantastic free bonuses:

1. Free Book on easy additional ways to double the money your school or organization makes!

2. Free Deluxe Magic Set, Mike’s New Magic Book for Kids, and several other souvenir samples that you can raffle off and you keep all the proceeds!

3. A fun additional money making opportunity that will keep your group earning additional income long after the show is over and doesn’t require any work. You won’t believe how easy this is! (Seriously, groups have raised hundreds of dollars for months following the show!)

Even Smaller Groups & Schools Can Benefit! Watch The Video Below!


“Okay Mike, Everything Sounds Great. How Does It Work?”

Remember, this is a fun and exciting little work program for you and your school, church or other non-profit group. You do not need to put up any money up front. Once we decide on a date to bring my comedy magic show to your school, church or other venue, I go to work to make it a success. We will send you a project kit that will include a manual, press releases, posters, flyers, piggy back fundraising ideas as well as merchandise samples that you can use as prizes for ticket sellers or raffle off at the show. We give you everything you need to plan and promote your event and make it a success.

Your group will pay a nominal flat fee that covers our costs of bringing this show to your school, church or community. Many groups have found sponsors to cover the fee so that literally all proceeds from ticket sales etc, go directly to the fundraising group.

Raising this has never been a problem for groups because of the popularity of magic today. Plus we throw in a few extra bonuses that will (like I said earlier), literally pack the house!

Bonus #1: See the Principal, Pastor or other Local Celebrity Survive the Veg-o-matic! That’s right! Your principal or Pastor or other local celebrity will join me on stage for a hilarious routine that is sure to increase attendance and excitement at the event! Of course he’s Ok, but everyone will want to come and see this!

Bonus #2: Free Prizes For Every Child! Audience participation is the key to any successful family event. Everyone will feel that they made the magic happen. And just for helping out – EVERY child will receive a free magic surprise at the end of the show! These are completely donated by me and cost the school, church or other group nothing!

We help you every step of the way to make this a successful and very PROFITABLE event for your school, church or other non-profit organization!

Family Fundraiser Magic Show

Iowa Magician Mike Prestby

How Do I Bring This Event To My School, Church Or Other Venue?

Simply fill out the form below and you will get all the details immediately or pick up the phone and call me. We can discuss your event in detail. You can ask any questions you have. In fact, I’d really appreciate you calling me and letting me know what you think. Call me at 1-800-421-0703

I’m not going to try and “sell” you, so you can relax – no pressure – I’m here to answer any questions and help make your event the best ever and make your group a ton of money!

I look forward to speaking with you.



Iowa Magician Mike Prestby


Call 1-800-421-0703 Or Fill Out The Form Below To Get Started On Planning Your Group’s Fundraiser Today!